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American Kidney Fund Programs and Services (Spanish)
Este folleto informativo detalla los muchos programas que ofrece el American Kidney Fund para asistir a pacientes con falla renal. Este folleto es proporcinado por GRATIS.
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What is Nephrology?
Nephrology is the study and treatment of kidney disease. Doctors, nurses and technicians all specialize in treating patients with kidney disorders. Nephrologists treat patients with kidney disorders and manage transplant protocols in hospitals and for transplant networks. They also manage dialysis centers and programs. Like other specialists, these doctors serve an additional residency in their field, beyond the standard training for a general practitioner. more

Why Follow a Low-potassium Diet?
Your doctor may recommend following a low-potassium diet if you have kidney problems or are taking certain medications. If you have kidney problems, excess potassium can build up to dangerous levels in your blood. This can lead to confusion, irregular heartbeats, or a heart attack

Why Follow a High-potassium Diet?
When combined with a low-sodium diet, a diet high in potassium can help lower high blood pressure . This can help lower the risk of stroke and other complications of high blood pressure. However, anyone with kidney problems should not follow a high-potassium diet without first checking with their doctor.

Beaumont's Quiet Man By JANE MCBRIDE
He's a doctor, an art collector and the owner of a high-profile business, but so averse to the limelight that few people know much about him.

As a nephrologist, he tends to patients whose failing kidneys sometime signal a somber future, yet he infuses them with hope. He spends 12-14 hour days interacting with people, yet craves the peace and solitude of his carefully-tended rose garden.

He surrounds himself with art and beautiful furnishings, yet few people penetrate the privacy of his home. more

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