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Services and The Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic

  • Education about kidney function and how to protect kidney function as long as possible.
  • Education to help you understand the symptoms of kidney disease and options for making healthy lifestyle choices and changes.
  • Monitoring kidney function and adjusting treatment as needed.
  • Anemia management through monitoring of lab work and administration of medications to improve your blood count.
  • Bone Care management through monitoring of lab work and possible administration of medications to improve the health of your bones.
  • Education to help you prepare for future treatment options.
  • Management of blood pressure through diet, medication, and exercise.
  • Management of lipid (fat) levels in your blood and evaluation of dietary, exercise, and medication management to lower lipids, if needed.
  • Education on minimizing the use of medications that may worsen your kidney function.
  • Education regarding smoking cessation, if applicable. Smoking contributes to the worsening of kidney function.

take chargeTake Charge of Your Kidney Health
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